The Rotogravure system is the most common used in the bonding field.

Each line and every plant are studied, developed and completed according to the Customer's specific needs.

We also supply all auxiliary equipment for heating, cooling, melting (extruder/melter).


EASY, represents a revolution in the areas of lamination, bonding and coating of fabrics, which will allow you to satisfy all types of workings.

The studies conducted, have made it possible to realize a plant able to reduce the downtime, caused by the operations of exchange and cleaning of the cylinders.

Many of our customers use our pilot plant, to search solutions to their needs or to develop new articles, so as not to occupy the production line.




EASY-1, The innovative quick cylinders release system,

it allows you to replace the same in a limited time and continue with the working.

At the same time, it is possible to clean in the washing tank the cylinder just used.







Regarding EASY-3:

• The NON-STOP system allows to working, preheating and cleaning the cylinders on the machine at the same time

• The cylinder is changed in approx. 60 seconds

• All operations take place on the machine, making the operations safer.







Every day, more and more customers, have the need to test in laboratory articles that then will go into production, so they can develop at best.

EASY-T was born for this.

Thanks to its small size and easy modular design, as well as to the cylinder with three different engraving, it allows to create various articles, which faithfully reflect the result obtained with the industrial machine.