About us

The company EASY-MELT srl, was born combining the experience of textile

entrepreneurs and Italian mechanical manufacturers.


These synergies have led to the creation of a new concept of

HOT-MELT machines, including the introduction of three-cylinder systems.


The company devotes particular attention to the textile bonding sector, which thanks to the revolutionary use of the HOT-MELT system,

initially used only in the lingerie sector, proved to be a discovery for the bonding of technical fabrics.


In fact, the increased demand by the market, of breathable membranes bonding with technical fabrics, has led to a continuous improvement of our plants, which are able to bonding all types of membranes in an easy and versatile way.


The main areas of use of our plants are:


Clothing, sportswear and functional wear, technical fabrics, swimwear, underwear, footwear, furniture, military, medical, Automotive and Geotextile.


The continuous growth and long experience of our company in the sector, has led us to develop various types of plants, also personalized to meet all the needs of our customers, our machines are chosen by our buyers for multifunctional, reliability but especially for the after-sales service offered.


We also produce prototype or laboratory plants.


The main features that have allowed us to emerge in the field of coating and bonding, are certainly related to practical knowledge and technical skills matured, first as users and later as builders, but especially the continuous development of new technologies, thanks to a close collaboration with our Customers.